We are currently closed due to the schools partial closure. We will reopen once the schools are back. To register ready for this please go to the "register and book now" button.

All children are entitled to play; it is intrinsic to their quality of life and an important part of how they learn and enjoy themselves. It is also a key component of a healthy lifestyle, enabling good physical, emotional, mental and social development. At its most successful it offers children and young people as much choice, control and freedom as possible.

At JK Link Clubs Ltd we recognise the importance of play to a child’s development. As playworkers we support and facilitate play, and do not seek to control or direct it. We will never force children to participate in play, but allow children to initiate and direct the experience for themselves.

We provide high quality care for your children including a wide range of activities supervised by qualified staff. The Clubs are registered with OFSTED and are regularly checked by their inspection unit. Comprehensive insurance is also in place.



There are plenty of childcare options out there, but why choose us?

Family Quality Care

We are a family owned business and we certainly run it as such, our staff are all part of the family and we look after your children like they were our own.

Variety of Skills

Our staff have a variety of skills and we listen to each and every one of their ideas and suggestions and love to bring the childcare world into the 21st century. We are innovative and love to excel in what we do.

Well established

We have been open since 1994 and although we may be "old" we certainly dont run as such. We safeguard to the highest standard, we communicate to you in ways that is very much up to date. Our aim is to be completely paper free by 2020!